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47 As directors of English Kinder we want to give you a very warm welcome to our website. Our educative project started more than forty years ago but we still have the same enthusiasm and work with the same quality since day one.
Our main objective is to make kids play and learn in a fun way in an international environment.English Kinder is committed to providing an excellent education that meets each student’s interest, abilities, needs and promotes an appreciation for diversity in our community as integral part of school life.
Our long years of hard work and experience has made our old students bring their children which guarantees the trust in our project.

Welcome to English Kinder!

Welcome to English Kinder!

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“We offer a personalized and effective education”
English Kinder

English Kinder

English Kinder is a private international kindergarden that offers nursery education:
Trilingual teaching from the beginning (English 90%, Catalan 5%, Spanish 5%) and introducing french as an option  when kids reach the age of 3.
Our educational Project is based on new contents and individualized support.
Personality and intelectual development one reinforced by means of early stimulation.

Children can pursue their education in Santa Clara International College.

We have our own cook and bus transport.

Nursery and Preschool

These are the levels that we develop in english Kinder with an International Vocation
Immersion in English, phonetics and language command are the distinguishing mark of an individualized education carried out by native teachers.

Trilingual education: Inglés Catalán Castellano

For years, we’ve had a reputation for teaching English from nursery, putting the emphasis on a consolidated phonetics.
Children achieve a good command of the three languages when they finish their studies.

Intelligence Development:

We seek excellence.
Our principle: Personalised Education and always speaking and thinking in the same language, without translating.
Our method: Early and intense stimulation combined with patience and affection.
Enseñanza trilingüe

nuestro programa


Our language program aims to boost the language skills of all children aged 1-5.

- Trilingual teaching from the beginning.

At English Kinder we stimulate the knowledge and use of three languages (English, Spanish, catalan, with additional languages Chinese and french)

Our students learn languages through our own development programs:

- By having conversations with the teacher and classmate.
- Answer relevant questions
- Carrying out a limited number of commands
- Producing words and high frequency expressions in predictable topics
- Writing names and simple words
- Creating stories, singing songs, dictation and writing

When children begin to speak they learn to relate a combination of sounds with a specific meaning.

Every language has different frequencies, for example Spanish uses 300Hz, English uses 1200Hz, and with all this the students develop more brain connections.

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